The Cottage School Holiday Fundraiser 2018

The holidays are coming soon! The Cottage School is offering five special gift ideas this year as a part of our annual fundraising efforts. Pairs of tall candles ($15), school aprons ($30), school magnets ($10), tote bags ($25), and song books & CDs ($20) are available for purchase.

These items will make a memorable and long-lasting gift for the special people in the life of your child. We hope you will take advantage of these items, enjoy them in your own home, or enjoy giving them as gifts!

Please submit all orders by November 30th. Click here to order.

Thank you for supporting The Cottage School!

The Cottage School is a multicultural non-sectarian, non-selective  learning community that values and fosters the children’s spirit of discovery to sustain their innate abilities and passion for learning. We create a non-competitive environment where creativity and the joy for learning are nurtured. Learn more at