Mondays on Education – Simplicity Parenting (Recap)

Last week, as part of our Mondays on Education workshop series,  a group of The Cottage School parents and community members gathered to discuss the book Simplicity Parenting by renowned family counselor, Kim John Payne.

The ideas proposed in the book align well with the mission and foundation of The Cottage School and we recommend reading it if you have the opportunity.

Some quotes from the book that  resonated with the group were:


“A smaller, more manageable quantity of toys invites deeper play and engagement. An avalanche of toys invites emotional disconnect and a sense of overwhelm. ” –  Kim John Payne

“The “messiness” of free play, with its many changes and possibilities, builds an inner flexibility. ” –  Kim John Payne

“Children’s play flourished when we “let it” rather than “make it”happen.” –  Kim John Payne

Our next workshop in the Mondays on Education Series will focus on the benefits of a bilingualism.

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