Rhythmic Writing at The Cottage School


One of our unique teaching tools here at The Cottage School in Gladstone, New Jersey is Rhythmic Writing.  Developed in Argentina by Dorothy Ling, a respected expert on music and education, Rhythmic Writing uses music and form drawing to develop handwriting, hand-eye coordination, concentration, a sense of space, directionality, and focus. 


Following the rhythm of music, the children start by drawing patterns with straight or curved lines which, as the year goes on, become more complex. Through Rhythmic Writing, children experience writing with their bodies, not just with their intellect, understanding how individual parts of their scribble relate to the whole.  This activity puts order to their whole being, transforming scribbles into forms.

After a year or two of working on the blackboard, children start doing Rhythmic Writing on the blank pages in their books which eventually helps learning cursive handwriting to come naturally.

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