Why Cottage School Elementary?

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The Cottage School will be hosting an informative educational session for parents who are interested in the elementary program for their children on Monday, February 11th from 9:30am to 11:00AM.

Our students enjoy school and are engaged members of our community because their individual curiosities and creativity are nurtured in a non-competitive environment. The Cottage School emphasizes the learning process, forming patterns of learning in an environment that is free from pressure, which is a unique quality in today’s achievement-obsessed educational culture.

This workshop is specifically designed for parents to understand our pedagogy and curriculum. In addition, our elementary school parents will share their thoughts on Why Cottage School Elementary?

Our elementary school teaches children ages 5 through 14, with its unique, well-rounded academic program integrating traditional subject areas of language arts, literature, foreign languages, mathematics, natural sciences, world studies, physical education and the fine arts, in a cooperative- not competitive environment.

Using the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards as its foundation, The Cottage School has developed its own curriculum and materials to exceed expectations on many levels. Please refer to our interviews from alumni Emily Vasconez and Francisco Guglielmino and their experiences at The Cottage School.

If you’re interested in attending this workshop, please RSVP here, or email  liza@thecottageschool.net or call 908-719-9610.

The Cottage School is a multicultural non-sectarian, non-selective learning community that values and fosters the children’s spirit of discovery to sustain their innate abilities and passion for learning. We create a non-competitive environment where creativity and the joy for learning are nurtured. Learn more at thecottageschool.net