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Preschool (2 1/2 to 5 years old)

Our preschool programs have been designed to develop the imagination through participation in many activities, free of pressure and sustained by the spirit of play. 

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Language Arts
Teachers tell traditional stories. Stories are told many times enabling children to retell or playact the story themselves or tell their own stories. All literature chosen for storytelling is in its original unabridged format. Storytelling allows the children to develop their own images of the story, thereby developing the imagination, a vital component for future reading. Children make books that represent songs, nursery rhymes or experiences they have had in the class. This encourages interest and care for their own work. Children do rhythmic writing once a week: Following the rhythm of music, children draw movements that eventually become cursive writing. In this way, writing is set up as a rhythmic and dynamic process, and not as a compilation of unrelated characters.

Foreign Language Immersion
Spanish is learned by singing folk songs, play-acting, traditional games, reading aloud (original prose, poetry, and folktale) and speaking to the children as a mother would at home. On certain days only Spanish is spoken. This natural approach helps the students to also master other foreign languages later in life.

The math work emphasizes the development of logical thinking through creative math and hands-on experiences. The teacher sustains a permanent attitude of “discovery” in tune with the students. This attitude helps students to find their own way to solve problems. Children are introduced to math through rhythm, movement, games, puzzles, blocks, and counting pebbles, seeds and shells. They measure when baking, playing with water and sand, and gardening. Origami, jump rope, hopscotch, knitting and beanbag counting games develop math concepts. These activities improve coordination, concentration, and counting abilities.

The Arts
Children work with quality watercolor and tempera paints, oil pastels, and beeswax crayons. They use natural materials such as wood, clay, wool, felt and fabrics to create their own works of art without intervention from teachers. The teachers accompany the process to develop an artistic attitude in the students.

Traditional songs are sung in Spanish, English and French, at times accompanied by guitar. Children learn writing patterns accompanied by music. This is an introduction to cursive writing.

Creative movement, rhythm games and traditional folk dances are incorporated into the class to develop imagination, balance, coordination, relaxation and concentration.

Nature Exploration
Children play outside or take walks every day as long as weather permits. They always have seasonal, natural objects to play with in the classroom. One day per week, the focus is on nature and science in general. Every week a sentence about the topic is created and written on the blackboard for the children to copy into their science books to the best of their ability and illustrate with pastels.

Special Classes
Students have the opportunity to present their own special class to the group each semester. This is an opportunity for each child to research, study, draw and present information to the class about a favorite subject. For preschool students, the topic may be a recent trip or a favorite animal. K to 8th grade students prepare a topic related to the school's annual plan. Although some help from the parents is needed for the research and reading, children make the illustrations to show and explain. They show books with photos and discuss their contents with the class. By preparing their special classes children learn about the subject itself and how to research, study and create an oral presentation.

  • 5 Day Preschool Schedule

    • Monday: Art

    • Tuesday: Spanish

    • Wednesday: Natural Sciences

    • Thursday: Language Arts

    • Friday: Math and Baking

  • 3 Day Preschool Schedule

    • Monday: Art

    • Tuesday: Spanish

    • Wednesday: Natural Sciences

  • 2 Day Preschool Schedule

    • Thursday: Art

    • Friday: Spanish